Wednesday, February 06, 2008


You guys, I am excited to announce that I have dipped my toes in the songwriting waters. In this town, everyone is either a singer, songwriter or both, and now finally I fit in!

So here is my first song, which I was inspired to write after hearing the tale of my friend's recent breakup with her boyfriend. Not that I am making light of her situation in any way, but I think my song pretty much sums up the situation:

Bass Pro Shop Blues, by Lindsay
"I didn’t want to stop
At the Bass Pro Shop
So I turned the car around
On the way home I found
That I was strong and I could stand
Didn’t need to deal with his demands
He said "If you turn around we’re through"
I knew just what I had to do
I turned around and headed home
I’d be better off alone
Than being forced to stop
At the damn Bass Pro Shop."

That's got CMA single of the year written all over it, right?

If you're like me and can COMPLETELY understand why she didn't want to stop at the Bass Pro Shop (Katie, Shealy), leave her some love in the comments section while I go shop my song up and down Music Row.

*Obviously, there is more to the story than I am telling. Of course they didn't break up only because he wanted to stop at the BPS.
**Yes, I have her permission to share her story/my song.
***Suggestions/ideas for the music video?


  1. i think brad p. would love this song..Since i could imagine Kimberly not being into this sort of thing and of course him LOVING that store

  2. Why is he saying, "if you turn the car around" after she's already turned the car around?

  3. yeah the BPS is about a once every two year thing. any more than that, and I'd be wanting to break up too.

  4. Why wouldn't she want to go to Bass? I'm lost.

  5. Eric - that's not the point.
    David - It'd be like making you spend hours in a Bath and Body Works, Sephora, Michael's or some other womanish store.

  6. Well, now I know how to get rid of Jennifer without having to break her heart. She's lucky I shop online.

  7. Yeah but those stores aren't fun. So I don't see the analogy.

  8. That's the point, fool. Bass Pro Shop isn't fun for girls any more than Sephora is fun for boys.

  9. What the heck is a sephora anyway? You have sarcasm sign?

  10. I think the BPS is fun, and I don't enjoy fishing. What's not fun about going to a place where a boat is an impulse buy?


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