Wednesday, February 27, 2008


You know that old song "I was country when country wasn't cool?"

If you've known me since high school, then you may know that I liked the Spice Girls when liking the Spice Girls wasn't cool.

Summer 1997 - bought Spice (CD #1)
July 4, 1997 - three of my friends and I dress up and make a music video to "Wannabe." We learned the dance and everything.
Oct. 31, 1997 - same three friends + a new recruit dress up and go trick or treating as the Spice Girls.
Nov. 1997 - bought Spice World (CD #2)
Jan. 1998 - went to see Spice World at the theater. Loved it.
Summer 1998 -purchased Spice World on VHS. Still watch the film randomly (and by randomly, I mean as recently as this summer).
Oct. 31., 1998 - went trick or treating with friends as Spice Girls again. May or may not have black-faced myself in order to resemble Mel B as much as possible (because a black sports bra, oversized camo pants and combat boots weren't cutting it).

In between all of those milestones, my older sister voiced disdain, horror and general disapproval of my penchant for all things Spice. Actually, back then, she voiced disdain, horror and general disapproval at everything I did.

So imagine my SHOCK when she announces to me over g-chat that she really really wants to go see the Spice Girls reunion tour. WTF? I thought I was the Spice Girl fan in the family? Apparently not. She's been closeting her inner Spice for more than a decade.

We contemplated trying to go see them in New York, but before we committed, the Spice Girls added more concert stops in the U.S., one of which was practically in my sister's backyard. And of course, I had a job function the weekend of the show. I tried to get out of it but it didn't work. At first I was sad for me for having to miss it, but then I felt even sorrier for her poor husband, who had to go with her. The concert was last Thursday and she said it was awesome.

Unfortunately, last night's show in Toronto was the last stop of the tour, and they are claiming this will be their last tour ever. Whatever. I've heard that story many times (Wynonna and Naomi Judd, I'm talking to you).

I'll tell you one thing - "if" (read: when) New Kids on the Block have a reunion tour, I'm sooooo there, with or without my sister.


  1. one question...where can i get my hands on a red sparkly jogging suit? i think i need one.

  2. I want to post the pictures of me in high school, but a) they are at my mom's house b) the other girls in the picture would absolutely kill me.

  3. I am sorry I made fun of you :-)

    I really, really, really wannabe your concert buddy for the NEXT Spice Girls reunion tour! Oh if wishing made it so ...

  4. PS - Post the picture but blur their faces?

  5. if you wanna be her concert buddy you gotta get with her friends

  6. Is it true they only polayed 6 songs? Our friend went and paid 200 some bucks and another friend paid 90 and got 6 songs out of it supposedly.

    And, dynamite drop-in Wes.

  7. No way. First, there were at least eight costume changes in the pictures she sent me. Second, you don't know my sister. If they'd ripped everyone off and only played six songs, she'd have made a big stink and gotten her money back.

  8. Obviously, you don't know me... I went to h.s. with Jennifer Bonds, and I found your blog via hers - just wanted to tell you I am a huge fan of your blog....I can see exactly how you and J.L. could be such good friends...I've added you to my list of Blog Crushes....

  9. I definitely think you should find a way to post the old photos of dressing up like the Spice Girls. :)

    Also - hey Candace! It's crazy to find you through here (I also went to high school with Candace and JJ/Jennifer Bonds).

  10. Maybe I will crop them out so as not to offend. I don't want anymore e-mails like the one my mom sent me saying "someone told her" that I put a picture up of her and "if it's true" could I please take it down?

    Although, I'm sure if I post a photo of me in black-face as Scary Spice, I'll get plenty of e-mails anyway. Quick, someone call Jesse Jackson and Learning for Life!

  11. I like the cheap shot at L4L. worst.thing.ever

  12. raise your hand if you miss CWE

    (and nicely done, Wes)

  13. Nicely done Wes? I'm the one that brought up L4L.

    And of COURSE I miss Camp War Eagle. OMG - has it stopped being obvious? I'm slacking.

  14. Hey! New Kids DID reunite and they DID stop here and you skipped that one too! I am going to quit inviting you...


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