Monday, February 18, 2008


On Friday, I found my office's new stash of Post-It notes and that may have been the highlight of my week. Someone got indulgent and ordered a jumbo box with pads in purple, lime, yellow and turquoise. Therefore, I have been thinking of things to jot down on a Post-It note all day.

As much as I love technology, I am obsessed with the written word. If I could make this blog post all these entries in my handwriting, I would. I love writing things down. Maybe it's because I love my handwriting. A teacher once told me that I draw, not write, my words.

In the same way I like to write things, I am also obsessed with office supplies (hence, the jubilation over a Post-It). Do I need to remind you of the Great Planner Debate from earlier this year? I gave more thought each year to what kind of supplies I was going to buy on the first day of school than what I was going to wear. And true story: for my 9th birthday, my grandparents gave me a $50 gift certificate to the teacher supply store. You'd have thought I won the lottery.

Pens. Paper. Notepads. Ob. Sessed.

Just imagine what happens when my obsessions/worlds collide (ie: monogrammed notepads - I'm drooling at the thought).


  1. I just went down and got some new pens from the supply room. I don't think I got as excited about it as you did.

  2. Must not be very good pens.

  3. I also love office supplies. I can spend an hour easily in a store like Office Depot just imagining all the possibilities.

  4. I'm obessed with Sharpies, Post It notes, and dry erase markers.

  5. I visit the supply closet at my office at least once a day. It's like Christmas. Binders, pens, ink cartridges, Post It's in every size imaginable. I even have some themed Post Its with "The Office" on it.

    I also really enjoy well-sharpened carmine pencils to check traffic signal plans with.


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