Thursday, February 28, 2008


I haven't posted about the Gauntlet since Brooke went home (and took the essence of the show with her) but I am still watching it. I know one thing - if I ever get hard up for romance, I'm going on MTV. The kids (or in some cases, middle-aged women) on that show are coupling off right and left. I think MTV should plan a show where all these Real World-Road Rules Challenge couples compete against each other. I mean, just from the current challenge alone we've got CT + Diem, Beth + Ev (even though they're not together anymore), Paula + Brad, Derek + Tori, Frank + Jillian, Nehemiah + Angel, Casey + Johnny, Danny + Melinda and Johanna + Wes (though Wes wasn't on the challenge, Johanna was). My money would be on CT + Diem. Though Frank and Jillian have really proven themselves. And by "proven themselves" I mean at being good at surviving the guantlets AND at being mind-numbingly annoying!

Speaking of reality TV, I need to make my Idol predictions for the week. For the girls, I am ready to see Neidermeyer hop on her bike and hit the road (I know it's Overmyer but I like saying Neidermeyer better because it's from a good movie... name it). That was the obvious choice. The other girl to leave is a little harder to predict but I'm going to go with Kady Malloy even though I wish I could say it'd be Kristy Lee Cook and her acrylic nails from hell.

From the guys, kiss Luke whats-his-name and Jason Yaeger goodbye. Can they send three guys home and one girl? Danny Noriega is more girly than some of the girls are and I am really ready for him to leave.

While I'm writing this fluffy, shallow, pop culture-ridden post, is there anything else of little or no consequence that I need to address? I had my first taste of wine from a box yesterday. It was pretty good. Went back for seconds. Guess that's about it!


  1. Animal House

  2. Also, Robbie Carrico and Jason Yaeger, Overmyer and Ramiele Malubay.


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