Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Behold: two funny e-mails from my mom, sent within one hour of each other but not related in any way except through her own oddity:

In your blog "High"--you have 2 errors in the next to last paragraph. See if you can find them!

My response, upon realizing the post she's edited is about running:
Did you even like what I wrote? Silly.

I love what you wrote, but I do not want a blog relationship with my daughter. Anything you want me to know, you need to call and tell me, and I will give you appropriate feedback. Your generation thinks the computer is the way to cultivate friendships, relationships, love, etc. Not true. The ancient way is best.

My response:
You are ridiculous.

Maybe she should stop reading it then? That way I'd have to call her to tell her all this stuff... or what, of all this stuff, I wanted her to know. As well as discuss when she learned what the word 'appropriate' means.

A few minutes later, a new e-mail arrives:
The post man asked me the other day if my name was Yo. Thinking he had lost it and was about to pull out a gun (you've heard about postal workers), I stared at him and said, "no, why?"
He said, "Well the return address on this package says 'Yo Mama'. I thought you must be Yo."
He must be bored.
Maybe I should start a blog.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I asked her if she was lying and she said "How could I make this up?"

Should I start calling her Yo instead of Oompa?

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