Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I have made clear on this blog my thoughts on smoking (or maybe just my thoughts on smoke breaks.) And before I go any farther, let's all remember that I'm not trying to discuss smoking bans and laws and anything even remotely controversial on this blog. We don't do that here, remember?

But I found out about something interesting last night. Apparently, in this office, employees that give up smoking and stay cig-free for a year receive $1000. Very interesting. And generous.*

So what about those of us that have gone cig-free for 25, 30, 40 and even 50 years? Where's my easy grand? I just feel that never even trying a cigarette should earn me a hundred bucks, don't you? I mean, if they get $1000 for giving them up, what about $500 to those of us SMART ENOUGH TO AVOID THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? I think that's only fair. And if you catch me with one, I'll pay it back.

Isn't this some fundamental child-rearing philosophy? You reward good behavior and ignore the bad? Staying away from cigarettes seems like pretty good behavior to me, yet I don't get $1000, or 5-6 mini breaks everyday. Hmm.

I think I will go join the smokers in their next "Puffing Party" out front, bum just one and only one, and then - with much fanfare and drama - announce that I am giving up the cigs. Cold turkey! Without a patch or pills!

What if I gave up twirling my hair for a year? Could I earn it then? What about avoiding Otter's for a year? I mean, everyone battles different demons. So what if mine are fried instead of filtered?

SPEAKING OF GIVING UP: Do y'all honor Lent and if so, what are you going without (that you want to share)?

*All jokes aside, this is really cool. Add to list of my favorite things about my office, underneath Starbucks coffee, the dress code and cool coworkers (not in that order).


  1. Trick post. No one can give up otters for a whole year. Physically impossible.

  2. Not those kind of otters, Wes.

  3. i totally agree! i mean, i have never smoked ANYTHING! where's my reward for making good, healthy choices? and about lent....the ladies in the teacher's lounge were talking today- one is giving up gossip. i'll let you know how that turns out

  4. Lent is a big decision every year. I tend to end up never re-picking up whatever habit I give up for Lent. Case-in-point: I've twice given up pop, yup I said it pop, for 3 years two different times as a result of Lent. Also there's been two separate times I've given up fast-food for 3 years. I gave up fast-food for my New Year's resolution this year, but it'll be hard to give up pop again. I have to think of something by morning though...


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