Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yes, it's true. I ordered a BlackBerry (the Pearl, of course), or as I have started calling it, the Tamagotchi of the new millennium.

After checking all the electronics stores, I went into T-Mobile armed with a Post-It note of all my plan choices. I explained how I haven't gotten a new phone in years, have been with them since 2004, etc. Long story short, we called customer service, who then patched me through to the retention department, who was able to override the system to make the phone a little cheaper. She also made my new plan effective immediately instead of on the next billing cycle (it's less expensive but with the same amount of minutes [I'm actually only paying $8 more a month to use the CrackBlackBerry (the girl that told me it would be $90 a month LIED)]), and then waived the shipping and upgrade cost of the phone. It's not like I just walked in there and said I'll take it. I did my research and leveraged my way to a good deal, I promise. I think. I hope. Moral of the story: call the retention department and ask them to give you the phone cheaper than the shelf price. It might work.

However, she's not here yet (my BlackBerry will be a she), and since I'm going out of town for work and then straight home, I'll be internetless and won't be blogging for a while. Which at first I was sad about but now am okay with. I think I need a blog vacation. But, since I tend to get lots of inspiration for posts while I'm at home, you should look forward to my return. And while you're looking forward to that, I'll look forward to seeing a few of my best friends while I'm home. And their new house. And eating Taziki's. And going out after the wedding I'll be attending. With more best friends.

Things I'm not looking forward to: missing the Spice Girls' DC concert, missing tomorrow night's Idol episode, and missing my group run on Saturday morning. 9.5 miles - who'd like to volunteer to make that up with me on Sunday?

So come Monday morning, we'll have so much to discuss: The Oscars. American Idol. A new Saturday Night Live episode finally (Tina Fey & Carrie Underwood - watch it!). Being at home. Another long run. And last but not least, Pearl's pending arrival. She's due on Tuesday.

Oh, the anticipation. This feels like when I went to Babyland General and picked up Christie, my Cabbage Patch doll who was a born a "boy" but was raised as a girl. Poor sexually confused cabbage patch doll. Let's just hope I don't take a marker and draw hair on my BlackBerry, too.


  1. I'll send you pics of the SG :-(

  2. Should I name it Pearl? That's too obvious.
    Monica would be a good name. I will be obsessed with it (like I am obsessed with Friends) and of all the Friends characters, Monica is the organized, efficient one. Like my BlackBerry. Thoughts?

  3. oh don't you worry, we've already set the DVR to record Idol. but we're not sure if our shows will transfer to our box or not. will keep you posted. too bad by the time you read this I will have already seen you ...


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