Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, yesterday I found out where the Green Hills are, in case anyone was curious. I took off running and was bopping along when I looked up and there was a big, fat hill. Hi Goliath, my name's David. Hill after hill. It was rough. But I finished strong.

Speaking of finishing strong, today marks only two months until the race. I know I will be ready by then.

I received my recommitment forms yesterday. Basically, TNT wants to know if I am still running in the Country Music Half-Marathon, and if so, where's the money. Since I haven't met my fund raising minimum of $1800 (yet), in addition to shirt size and estimated finish time, I gave them my Visa card number.

So, dear friends and blog readers, what does this mean? It means that if you have been meaning to donate, or waiting to donate, or read this blog daily and think to yourself "I really do need to contribute," the time is nigh. Please please please. I am not too far away from my minimum and not too far from my goal. If everyone that visited this site just yesterday alone gave $5, we'd be done.

I want to meet the goal by March 26 (one month til the half-marathon). Can you help me? Click here to donate, or click the LLS logo on the right side of this page.

I don't know how else to word it, y'all. I hate asking for money. Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far. Remember, it's not for me. It all goes toward research funds to cure Leukemia and Lymphoma and other kinds of cancer. Like the horrible prostate cancer that took the life of the greatest man I ever knew exactly four years ago tomorrow.

With that, I'll wrap it up before I start to cry. I'm sorry if this post is coming on a little strong. But here's an offer - if anyone wants to join me on one of these long training runs, I'll donate your money FOR you. We'll see which is harder: sparing $10 or running 10.


  1. Yay, Lindsay! We are proud of you!

  2. I'm proud of you too! Plus, I don't run 10 miles. I'll give $$ instead!


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