Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In college we used to have these socials called Crush Parties. We'd write down the names of our crush and the social chair would make sure he was invited to our party. Whether or not he would show, who knew. My freshman year I took matters into my own hands and a friend of mine and I just invited two guy friends to come with us, and I just got a zap with my crush at some point in the night. Then the next year, I went with two girls and once again, got a zap with my crush when I got there. Speaking of zaps: are they still popular? I should to go back and count how much money I spent on zaps in a year. At $2.50 a pop, I bet it was a lot.

Anyway, so in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow, I'm having a Crush Party. Not really. But this is just my way of sharing what blogs I "crush" (yes, this is a real term in the blogosphere [so is blogosphere]).

So, Jen and Wes, Katie, Jon David, Jessica, Eric, Taylor, Star, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Shealy, Lindsay, Jen, Jenny and Susannah, YOU'VE BEEN CRUSHED! I confess. Y'all are funny and entertaining, honest and thought-provoking, and maybe more than you think, inspiring. Thank you. Party in the comments section. I hope you'll show up. BYOB.

And the rest of you that don't have blogs but "crush" on this one are certainly invited, too.


  1. You should have brought more alcohol. This is like a FarmHouse band party.

  2. Is that FarmHouse, as in the same FH that's tattooed on your leg?

  3. I'm here, and I brought some rum and pina colada mix. The fun can begin now.

    No offense to FH band parties, especially as they provided me some good times back in the day. :)

  4. I really did have higher hopes for this party. Oh well. More wine for me.

  5. Sweet! I made the crush list! Where is the zap guy? If I had a crush list, your blog would be on it! I laugh out loud with almost every entry you write!

  6. P.S.- I think I drank more around (either before or right after) FarmHouse parties than the rest of parties I went to at Auburn!

  7. Yay Linds! Glad you like it!

    Oh and PS y'all - my mom asked me this weekend: "So when is that crush party you're having? Are all those people really going to drive to Nashville?"


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