Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Remember when we celebrated World Gratitude Day...twice?

I think we need to celebrate more random holidays. For instance, did you know January was National Soup Month? Good thing I went and got soup from Panera a few times.

Unfortunately, we've already missed National Clean Off Your Desk Day, Appreciate A Dragon Day, National Hugging Day (although everyday is National Hugging Day for me), National Compliment Day, Bubblewrap Appreciation Day and Inane Answering Machine Day, when I guess everyone was supposed to change up their answering machines to something stupid along these lines.

But don't worry; it's only February and we've got 11 more months of wacky holidays to go. You all better start thinking of how you're going to celebrate Sweet Potato Month, National Boost Your Self-Esteem Month, National Pancake Week (3-7), International Flirting Week (10-17), Weatherman's Day (5), White Shirt Day (2/11), Get A Different Name Day (2/13) Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day (2/21 - that's for you, Wes), National Chili Day (1/28) and more.

I've already got some ideas for Flirting Week... (giggle).


  1. finally, legit reason to celebrate white shirts, chili, pancakes and flirting. hooray!

  2. But not at the same time! Except white shirts and flirting. Those overlap.

    It's a good thing Introduce a Girl To Engineering Day isn't during Flirting Week. Like those two things could ever happen at the same time.

  3. ha, you are hilarious!


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