Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm back! Did you miss me?

It was great to see so many old friends at the wedding I went home for. Some of my favorite people from college are the ones I met my freshman year (I can't believe my that was eight years ago). So it was fun catching up, enjoying the reception, visiting with friends (hearing from more blog readers) and having a good time. And yes, I caught the bouquet... again. Fifth time, y'all.

But speaking of catching up - we have so much to discuss!

American Idol - I was 3 for 4 in my predictions. I was surprised Luke stayed but he probably won't much longer. I only got to watch half of the girls but I am really over that biker chick and the girl from Oregon that sold her horse. I'm much more into the guys than any of the girls this year, so expect to hear lots about little David and Michael the Aussie.

Saturday Night Live - I missed it but watched a few of the clips online yesterday. Tina's monologue and her segment on Weekend Update were hilarious. Mike Huckabee was funny too. It was neat to think I was just there in that studio and how much bigger they make it look on TV!

Being at Home - not as adventurous as the last time. Actually, I was turned off by the idea of moving back there anytime soon. That was a first.

Long run - I had a good run yesterday but it wasn't 9.5 miles. But that's another post altogether (the runs are rarely without incident these days).

The Oscars - I hardly watched it. I lost interest after the opening monologue, when I went to pick up my PeiWei dinner. I thought the clip about how the voting is done was more interesting than most of the show. Where was the comedy, like this from last year? But, it was neat to think I was just there in that theater (okay, maybe not "just there" but "there not too long ago") and how much bigger they make it look on TV! I was remembering all the neat things I learned, like where the winners walk to get to the press room (through a glass corridor to the hotel next door), how every single person must present an ID and ticket to get in (celebs included) and how big the backstage area is (I think they said you could fit a basketball court back there). Yay, Hollywood.

And last, but not least, my BlackBerry - Monica was waiting on me when I got home yesterday afternoon. I was trying to unpack and make lunch and coordinate running plans so I didn't get to spend time with her until last night. Maybe that's why I lost interest in the Oscars... but, so far we are enjoying getting to know one another. I'm not crazy obsessed yet, but I give it a week. I'm still trying to figure out the really basic things (for example. it took me one hour and a visit to to figure out how to get access to the contacts on my SIM card).

So, I think that covers everything. Come back later today for a hilarious account of what happened yesterday on my way to go run. You won't believe it.


  1. Where did hating me fit into your weekend?

  2. Somewhere in between being at home and the Oscars. Punk.


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