Monday, January 28, 2008


I was jumping around the other night after my (cough 4 mile cough) run, stretching a little and trying to stay warm, when I started doing a two-step. Well, every good two-step needs some arm motions and before I knew what was really happening, I was doing Bodda Getta. Which led to the Free Ride Dance Band Chant.

Are you ready for this? I miss cheerleading.

It's been more than six years since I last had on a uniform, but I miss it (though I sure don't miss our "coach"). Maybe I just miss high school in general because it was a simpler existence. The biggest decisions I had to make in high school were who to take to the Valentine's dances and how many colleges to apply to. And even that was a no-brainer when I saw the UAT application actually had a box to check if anyone in your family played football under the Bear.

Does anyone else relate? Maybe you didn't cheer, but am I the only one who misses high school extracurriculars? You former volleyball/soccer/majorette stars — I'm talking to you!

To remedy this, I've been looking on message boards to see if any local junior high or senior high schools need a cheerleading sponsor or coach. I think I would be so much fun as an advisor/coach/sponsor. God knows I'd better than this woman.


  1. did you just call me out?! ha.

    and yes, I do, occassionally, miss it. mostly at Auburn football games during halftime. Wes will tell you, I'm obsessed with watching both teams' majorettes with binoculars and explaining their routines to him and assuring him that I could (and possibly could still) do that. Yes.

    I do not, however, miss being in the band. That SUCKED. Horrible.

    Just wait until I pull my batons out of storage and try them out on our new front lawn!

  2. i found my toe shoes while cleaning out the attic a few weeks ago...yes, i miss it! :)

    i couldn't help but remember when you slippd in the mud before having to cheer at a basketball game. do you remember? we were in the locker room trying to clean you up...i think i have a picture of that around here somewhere....

  3. I called you both out. Only Katie surprised me by going with ballet over volleyball.

    And yes, I remember that very well. Stupid muddy hill. I also remember how I had to wear a jacket instead of an extra top because the only extra ones in the cheer closet could fit two of us at once. I have that picture, too, maybe even in Nashville. I'll look and post the goods if I find it.

  4. I miss dance team all the time. I was just thinking about that the other day, how I missed the sense of accomplishment from learning choreography. I loved critiquing the Tiger Paws during the five basketball games I went to.

  5. Raise your hand if you had no idea Star was on dance team.

  6. I was captain of the dance team, thank you.

  7. And I wrote a new blog.....

  8. not really so much high school but i miss college for sure ... i mean granted if I could go back to Junior year of high school i for sure would ... but high school just felt like practice for the real thing (college) ...

  9. Oh please. You are more of a college student than most college students I know.


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