Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Set your Tivos. Unplug your phones. Grab your remotes. TV is about to get good again.

Writer's strike, schmiter's strike. I am talking about the small screen return of 2 of my favorite shows ever to air: American Idol of course, and another installment of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III.

I'll get to American Idol in a moment. First, let's talk about The Gauntlet III. Not since Sorority Life have I anticipated a show on MTV this much. And I can tell you in one word why I am so excited: Brooke.

Yes, Real World Denver's Brooke is bringing all of her personalities back to Wednesday nights for all the world to laugh at. She is a walking, talking, three ring circus. Ring One: Brooke is crazy. Her parents are clinical psychologists, and I think they cancelled each other out while raising her because she is a total nut-job. She is a screaming, hooked-finger wielding, blindly lunging in a fit of rage maniac, who nearly killed poor Davis for saying she had a double chin, and went Naomi Campbell on Tyrie for teasing her about using the word "ghetto" in describing her nail salon experience. Best of all, Brooke pulls this face when she finds something unsatisfying/unappealing. It's more than a frown but funnier than a scowl. Watch the show. You'll know it when you see it.

Ring Two: MTV tells us that Brooke has - and I quote - "a new sexual preference, as she has decided she needs a little time away from men. Who could she possibly hook up with? Hmm." Enough said. (cough Evelyn cough)

Ring Three: these Challenge shows are physical competitions. Did Brooke miss that memo? She whined and complained about everything strenuous or remotely challenging in Denver - remember the whole rappel off the cliff issue? She's going to be doing physical challenges! With heights! Over water! In a harness! I cannot wait. Judge me! I don't care! She's going to flip out. I bet she freaks out and goes home in the first episode.

But let's hope not. Because also in the house? Beth, or as her cast-mates dubbed her, Bethesaurus. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BETH AND BROOKE TO BE IN THE SAME HOUSE. Crazy and Crazier. I am beside myself with anticipation. Honestly. Also back is Meat-head CT, and his "wicked ahhhsum girlfriend" Diem. I wonder who he'll punch first? Brooke's former roommate Alex is on this show too. I predict an early fight between those two, and an early fight between Brooke and Key West's Tyler. Remember the hell Tyler gave Svetlana? Brooke is a crazier Svetlana. Tyler is going to chew her up and spit her out. And I think Kenny is going to do something to push her buttons too. Heck. Let's just give Brooke her own show. I'd watch.

You know what? I don't even want to talk about American Idol anymore after that. I am just too excited. Plus, Idol isn't good yet. I HATE watching the audition episodes. It just depresses me. Wake me up when the real singers take the stage, please.

What shows are you looking forward to this spring?


  1. amazing. I join you in shameless anticipation!

  2. Please leave your husband for me. Between this and the calendar situation, I have no doubt that you and I are soul mates.

  3. um, I was going to say that I'm excited now that I actually get to watch the show every week. In college I never got to because I was busy on campus or doing homework (I had a real major unlike Jeffcoat who has seen every episode). Lindsay, your response to my wife's comment was very Beth-ish. CT rocks. Is Wes going to be on it? He's one of the top two guys in the world named Wes.

  4. Okay then. Scratch what I said before. Will the two of you adopt me instead?

    I was busy on campus and did homework too. But the thing about homework is that it can be done any time other than 9-9:30, and making fun of Beth and CT could not. So guess which I chose?

    Wes isn't on it. Fiancé Joanna is though. Speaking of fiancés, Danny and Melinda are on opposite teams.

    In summations: it's going to be good.

  5. come on. we'll clean out a corner of the office for you. between Peepers and the Real World, what else do you need?

  6. Wine, ice cream and chocolate chip pie?

  7. idol auditions blow. i think this season's gonna be a crier... good news, the directors guild of america inked a deal with the studios yesterday. this may set a precedent for future negotiations with the wga. some predictions say that the town will be back to work in a month.


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