Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My phone has been acting screwy lately. Turning off, being uncooperative, requiring full battery charge every night, etc. So I went into T-Mobile yesterday just planning to get another Razr for $30.

Until I saw that the Blackberry Pearls were on sale. Mega sale.


I will be the first to admit that I am not so important or needed that I need to be that accessible at any given time of day. My employer or clients don't need me that badly and neither does anyone else. I just LIKE to be that accessible at any given time of day. I like being able to check my e-mail whenever I want. I would love to be able to get the internet wherever I am. Hooray, technology.

But the monthly service fees? Not on sale. It's the equivalent of re-buying the phone (at its current sale price) every month. I can't get on board with that. Especially when I know full well that I can check the internet any anytime at my office or house.

If you have a Blackberry, are they worth it? If you're married to someone with a Blackberry, are they not worth it? If YOU pay for it (and by YOU I do not mean your employer or your parents), are they worth it?

Or should I wait until the iPhone goes on sale?


  1. matt had a blackberry for work...he loved having it, but he would check it all the time (at home, on weekends...). i hated him having it. now he has a treo. it is even more annoying. i can't figure out how to make a call from it, it is so complicated. the thing i don't like about it, is that he is available for work 24 hours a day, when he is only paid from 8-5:00. i would wait for the iphone... :)

  2. I agree. I hate when people have them (unless needed for work), because it's constant texting, emailing, incessant checks for blog updates/comments. Bad idea.

  3. You just had to bring the blog up, didn't you?
    Okay. No TV in the bedroom or Blackberries in the house.

  4. BlackBerries are quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented. The iPhone, Treo, Q, etc do not even compare to how great the BlackBerries are. They are the leader in smartphone technology by a longshot. They are simple to use, and I promise that once you have one you will never like any phone more than you liked your BlackBerry.
    Examples of non-work use:
    Ok, you're watching a movie and you swear you've seen that actor/actress in another movie but it's bugging the living hell out of you. Break out the BB, go to the bookmarked IMDB site and you've got your answer in less than a minute.
    You're having an argument with a roommate about some sort of historical/sporting/pop culture topic and no one can settle on the same answer. Pull the BB out of the pocket, hit up google, and bam.
    Work uses:
    When I get a voicemail on my office phone it gets converted to a .wav and gets emailed to me. I can listen to it anytime and anywhere without having to come back to the office.
    If you're in a meeting and someone has to urgently get a hold of you. They call and call and call, and then remember you're in a meeting, but they also remember you have a BB they can email you the question and you can answer it immediately because of the email technology BBs use. iPhones check for email every 15 minutes. What a horrible concept.
    How about how mine is set up through the IT department and it wirelessly syncs with Outlook so I have all my contacts and calendar items in both places. I had a contact on my phone and it adds it to my contacts in Outlook.
    Lastly, it has freaking BrickBreaker. Greatest.Game.Ever

  5. I said if your employer or parents DON'T pay for it, then you can talk. If someone else was footing the bill for me I'd have bought two by now.

  6. I second Wes. I have an unnatural obsession with my blackberry. My friend even named it Gretchen,like on Mean Girls.
    Get the curve. Best phone ever.

  7. But do you pay for yours? I thought Alabama Power did.

  8. I have an iPhone and it is easily the best phone i've ever owned. I had a different smartphone before the iPhone came out and its functionality is stone age compared to the iPhone. YouTube in your pocket, bookmarks, mail, a calendar that actually works, ipod, and it all syncs perfectly with my mac. And i pay for it and for everything you get, $100 isn't bad.

    Oh, and about accessibility... i love not having to pull out my laptop to see if i have any email. I can easily pull out my iPhone and see that i have 63 emails i don't feel like responding to and then get on with my coffee and conversation.

  9. if you don't need it for "work", then get the iPhone! But I hate to tell you, they are never going to go on sale!!! But that also means you have to change your service from T-Mobile to AT&T. I have a smartphone, Samsung i760, thanks to mama black and daddy decker. It is more of a business phone and I wouldn't want it if I didn't have to have it. Used to have a crackberry, HATED IT, but I hear they have gotten better, but I would still save up your $$$ and get the iPhone. Maybe make it your present for finishing the half!!

  10. I wanted the functions of a smartphone without the service, so I got a T-Mobile Dash. I really like it.

    I didn't want the service because it's so expensive and because I knew I'd get addicted (checking email when out to dinner, etc.).

    I had to buy it on eBay to get it without paying for the service, though. So it doesn't do internet, but it syncs files and pictures with my computer, has a great calendar that syncs with Outlook, has a task list, etc.

  11. Y'all are so helpful. Let me also interject that I do not know what a "smartphone" is, do not use Outlook and do not have a Mac.

  12. BlackBerries can sync to email systems other than Outlook. Smartphones are regular phones on crack. They are the ones that sync with computers, check email, get online, listen to music, etc. Doesn't matter whether you have a mac or pc. Get a curve or pearl. Curves are better, but whatevs.

  13. I want to qualify my earlier comment again. First of all I agree with Wes. But second, for people who don't need them for work, it drives me insane. They use them for texting more than e-mailing. So why not keep a regular phone. Third, the blackberry would be the end of your productivity at work. We'll have 10 blog posts per day and 10 e-mails asking us why we haven't commented yet. So in conclusion "I personally believe..." that you should not get a blackberry yet...."the iraq everywhere like, such as and" wait until work makes you get one.

  14. First of all, the END of my productivity at work? That would mean I was currently productive at work, and we all know that's not true.

    Secondly, I can update the blog 10 times a day if I wanted to right now; I don't need a Blackberry for that. But I cannot believe you went there. I don't recall ever sending you one e-mail, let alone 10 in a day, asking why you haven't commented on anything.

    But keep this up and I'll give you something to comment on....

  15. It's too addicting. If work didn't pay for mine, I wouldn't have one.


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