Thursday, January 10, 2008


The verdict is in and I do not have a stress fracture in my leg. It's only shin splints, yay!

So while it could be argued that I just paid a buttload of an insurance deductible to be told something I already knew, the important thing to focus on is that I can continue safely running and training for the half marathon. He gave me some arch supports to wear in all my shoes, told me ways to stretch, how to ice and to make Advil my new best friend. He recommended I get new running shoes; I recommended he not charge me for the MRI. But if all of that doesn't work, he's going to put me in physical therapy. So hopefully the combination of all of that will nip this shizz in the bud and there won't be any more posts like this.

I go back to see him in two weeks, unless we are at the same steak house again like we were last night, which is unlikely to occur since he probably paid for his own meal and I did not.

And PS - everyone that told me I should have bought New Balances instead of Nikes, feel free to (continue to) gloat in the comments section.


  1. what do you know? Advil is my new friend too! at least until I can straighten my right arm ...gah. fitness.

  2. What? I'm a nike girl. I ran two half's in my pink ones with no problems. Boo New Balance.


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