Monday, January 07, 2008


Sad news. I will not be winning a million dollars on Don't Forget the Lyrics.

I went to the open casting call with my lovely application in hand. I took a number, filled out another piece of paper, and waited a few minutes before it was my turn. I met with a nice guy and we talked for about 10 minutes, including my singing a song for him and he appearing impressed. We talked about why I'd never auditioned for Idol, what I would do with a million dollars, Carrie calling me a loser and more.

Later that day my phone rang and I was invited back to the next round of screenings on the following day at the Hermitage Hotel.

So I get dressed all cute and trendy, in my Nashvillesque "I ♥ Y'all" t-shirt and jeans and head downtown. I tried to find a meter spot, but didn't want to be late (or walk in the cold) so I just decided to park at the hotel's lot. I pull in, turn off my car and get a ticket from the valet.

I had just sat down to begin my lyrics test when the valet came in and told me that my car was locked and the keys were in it. Awesome. After a phone call to the police - who don't unlock cars anymore, my "insurance agent" told me to call a Locksmith and I can get reimbursed. So I told the valet man to get a locksmith and I'd pay for it. The ray of sunshine was that I passed my lyrics test with flying colors.

Finally it was my turn. I had the best time with the producers. I was as peppy and energetic and enthusiastic as I knew how to be (without seeming fake, I think) and even ended up singing twice for them (they wanted to hear some Wicked when I mentioned it was my favorite Broadway show). I felt like they really liked me and also felt that I had shown them a pretty accurate glimpse of my personality.

The locksmith showed up soon after my audition. The valet guys didn't even make me pay for the parking because technically, I never used the lot... just the entrance to it.

So maybe they thought I was too young ("You did so well on this lyrics test and you're only 24! How do you know so many songs?"). Maybe they knew I was going to do well on the show and they didn't want to pay me the million. Whatever their reason, I never heard back. My hopes were up, but now I'm over it.

BUT! Last night I went to get PeiWei with Evan and we each got two fortune cookies. The first one I opened said "wondrous opportunities will come in the days ahead" and the second one said something like happiness is right around the corner. It was the best pair of fortunes ever. And both of Evan's were great too; very appropriate for his job hunt. So maybe I WILL win a million dollars... just not on TV.

So morals of the story: reality TV casting is silly, and fortune cookies never lie.


  1. my theory is that they knew you'd win the money, and America's heart. DFTL isn't ready for you, LJ.

  2. At least one good thing came out of it....fabulous application answers that should be saved for the next adventurous opportunity!

  3. Maybe they are waiting to call because they knew you would be on the phone wishing me happy birthday and then coming down to Birmingham to party with me and give me fun presents for the next two days.


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