Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So, I wasn't kidding about needing help with that Don't Forget The Lyrics Application. Y'all are my friends, so please help me and answer the questions about what my friends would say! Sister, Brother, Katie, Wes, Jenn, Jon David, Jamie, Sarah, Star, Sam, Jessica, Carlee, Eric, Leslie, Meghan, MB, Melissa, Michael, Corrie, Lilley, Margo, Erin, Natalie, all you other people that read and think that I don't know because you don't comment... let's go! Here's a deal - If your word/answer ends up as an answer on the application and I win money on the show, I'll give you some of it. Not a lot, but some.

PS - If you are worried about offending me by saying my "worst qualities" then comment anonymously. But odds are I already know those are my worst qualities anyway.

PPS - Also wasn't kidding about needing people that know lyrics to take on the show with me. Clearly, my mom is not going to be much help.

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  1. I'm pretty exhausted from all the running, but I will try to think;)


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