Sunday, January 06, 2008


Is this necessary?

"The great taste of Diet Dr Pepper is now mixed with a sweet cherry dipped in chocolate to bring you Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper. That's zero calories and 100 percent satisfaction. So go ahead and lick your lips to savor every sip. But you'd better hurry. Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper is only available for a limited time."

Oh come on. Dr. Pepper, (and I mean the plain, non-chocolate, non-Diet, non-lime, non-lemon non-vanilla version) is WONDERFUL as is. And if it's not broken, why fix it? The soft drink market is getting out of control. I predict next well have Chocolate Peanut Butter Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper With Lime.

I can't believe I used to drink Diet Dr. Peppers 4 or 5 a day. Now its rare that I have more than one soft drink a month.


  1. I've drank a diet pepsi jazz caramel before. Not so good. But have you seen the diet dr. pepper commercials where they are sipping cake, and the cans turn into like pie and dr. pepper ice cream? I want dr. pepper ice cream!

  2. Yes I've seen those but ew. Dr. Pepper cake? No. Leave well enough alone - I'd rather have a Dr. Pepper than a cake unless it's a cookie cake in which case I want one of each.

    One time I had Dr. Pepper gum. It tasted foul.

  3. Dr. Pepper ice cream though would be amazing.

  4. that drink can't be good for you.

    dr pep ice cream would be incredible.

  5. Y'all - my boss left me Dr. Pepper jellybeans on my desk this morning. She was shopping this weekend, saw them, and bought them for me. I was very touched by her gesture, but does the madness know no boundaries? Dr. Pepper gum, jellybeans, lip gloss... time to rein it back in before it gets out of control and they start making stuff like oh, I don't know, DR. PEPPER ICE CREAM!!!!


Oh goody!

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