Tuesday, January 08, 2008


You may notice that over to the right, I have added a polling feature to my blog. I have decided to ditch the blogspot part of my blog address, which the rest of you can also do for a small $10 per year.

So, I have been trying to come up with witty and interesting names for this blog. DiaryOfABoredButEmployedMidTwentySomething.com is a little long, right? So I've been trying to come up with names, and I'm finding that they fit into three categories:

1. This blog is gaining a tiny bit of a following because a few of you think I am a little witty. So Thesaurus.com and I have been tossing around words like witty, funny, sarcastic, sassy, saucy, etc. Wit Happens has already been taken. Not taken? BunnyFitch.com!

2. It doesn't take long to figure out what my obsessions are: pearls, the South, Auburn, FRIENDS, etc. Something about one of those would be appropriate.

3. I've been trying to think of some of my favorite song lyrics or movie quotes because sometimes those make for good blog titles as well. What about ImLivingAlone.com (as in, "This house is so full of people it makes me sick. When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone. Do you hear me? I'm living alone! I'm living alone! I'm living alone!")

So the best of what I have come up so far with is listed on the right. You can vote (it's totally anonymous), or if you have a suggestion for me, add it in the comments (but make sure it's not already taken). If I like it, I'll add it to the poll. I want to do this by the end of the month, which means I've/we've got three weeks to come up with good names, so I imagine I'll be adding new ones regularly. So vote for your favorite. And remember, if you think it's too long, it probably is.

*Update: I can't add names to the poll once it's been created. But after receiving some wise advice, BunnyFitch is definitely in the running. Vote for it in the comments section if that's the one for which you want to cast your vote.


  1. my list of to-do's today:
    go grocery shopping- not done
    write 32 progress reports- of course not done
    check voicemail and return parents' calls- never done
    write lesson plans- sorta done
    vote for lindsay's new web address-the only thing i've gotten DONE today! :)

  2. Please not tennesseesingle! That sounds likes it should be followed by "SWF, 24, seeking hot hot hot SWM, 53-61, for a good time at the wildhorse."

  3. HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Eric, PLEASE bring your blog back! The world is a better place with your words in it.

  4. hahahahaha Eric! I kind of like Tennessingle, it's clever, but what happens when you're Tennetaken? then again, my blog is called the newlywed diaries and how much longer is that relevant? 6 months? a year? clearly I am not one to talk ...


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