Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NAMED (part 2)

You may notice I have reset the new name poll over on the right. Gone are Lindsay Knows Best, LindsayKathleen, and Eric's personal favorite, Tennessingle (make sure you're pronouncing it right -- it's not Tennessee Single. Just one word: Tennessingle). Listed instead are the top four finalists for the new name of this blog.

Apparently, not all of the options were clear the first time, so to ensure that we are playing on an equal field, let me just run through them:

"Pearls Of Wit" - You know the phrase Pearls of Wisdom? A pearl of wisdom is like a little proverb or bit of good advice. Well, no one's ever called me wise, but I do write little witty stories. And I wear pearls 6 days out of 7. So I think this fits.

"Pass The Sass" - I don't even know where this one came from except that it rhymes and indicates that I am usually sassy.

"Bunny Fitch" - Swap the first letters. I have been called this before (the swapped version).

"Tap That Sass" - This is a play on the phrase that in pop culture means to.... pursue?... someone. Come to my blog if you wanna tap that sass!

So there you go. Vote away. After all, you'll be the ones typing it in, not me. And once again let me remind all of you that are reading this "anonymously" that voting actually is anonymous, so feel free to participate/cast your vote without blowing your cover.


  1. oooh. this is really tough. no tennesseesingle???? WHYYYYYY! I can't decided between Pearls of Wit and Tap that Sass.... I'm going to have to pray about this.

  2. Now you're totally rigging the votes.

  3. No I'm not!!!! I can't help it if my readers and I have the same (good) taste. You're just mad because I had to explain to you what a pearl of wisdom is.

  4. should you limit the voters to only the ones that really know you best? i mean, you may be sassy but your love of pearls far outweighs you sassy-ness. and i don't mean that badly...when i think of sassy, i think red spiked heels and an "i'm better than you" attitude. and i hate to break it to you, my friend, but that just aint you...well, maybe the heels, but not the attitude. :)

  5. Interesting. And sweet! Thanks :)

    By the way, have you seen my cheetah shoes? Talk about sassy. Grrrr!


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