Thursday, January 24, 2008


I had a chili lunch fund-raiser today at work. A few people volunteered to bring chili, cheese, dessert, salad, bread, etc. and then everyone paid $5 to eat from the yummy spread. I raised $250 for my TNT campaign, so I am excited!

Also, I ran 4 miles last night and when I came in, I found that I had not one but TWO new donations! While I was running! Isn't that cool? Again, great timing. Thanks Drew and John. You are both way generous!

One other funny story: I'm not going to lie. Losing weight as a byproduct of all this running is pretty nice. Yes, I am more interested in finishing my goal of 13.1 miles and raising money for LLS, but let's get real - dropping some pounds is icing on the cake. So while I've been raising money for a few months now, and have told plenty of people about the half marathon, the third "element" is just starting to get noticed. And it's amazing how far one tiny subliminal compliment on your... ummm... assets... will make you want to run! So who knows - maybe I've found the motivation to keep this up after April!


  1. if i had known you were having a chili lunch, i would have made my famous chili (well, sort of famous), and fedexed it to you. to represent auburn's college of education in a chili cookoff, i was elected to make enough chili for 50 people . do you even know how much chili that is? :)
    i'm glad yours was successful

  2. Why don't you team up with Magic Cookie Lady and sell it out of a van??


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