Friday, January 04, 2008


In case you were curious, here is my self-portrait for my TV show application... not that any of you (besides Margo, Star, Meghan and Jessica) were of any help. Harumph.

Don't even think about making fun. I am not the artist in the family anymore. And besides, I was too busy trying to answer the questions regarding what my friends would say about me to worry about the portrait. Apparently, I either have four friends, or my friends would say nothing about me. Neither one sounds very good.


  1. Wait just a second, Lady. I gave you feedback.

    Aspiring Chef
    Friends Fanatic

    I wasn't told my comments needed to be translated into visual pieces.

    So there.

    Wanna do a movie Monday?

  2. Hey Linds! I saw an advertisement for a new tv show coming up that was holding auditions in Nashville that looked right up your alley. It's called, Duet...look it up! By the way...I love checking your blog!


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