Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was sitting at my desk last night when my g-mail notifier pinged me to let me know I had mail. I was giddy to see that it was another donation to my active.com TNT campaign site. "Hurray!" I thought to myself. "My friends are so generous!" Little did I know just how generous this particular friend was.

Read the g-chat conversation that ensued:

Me: OMG!
Friend: Hi.
Friend: I want you to meet your goal.
me: I can't take that much from you!!!! I have until April to meet my goal!
Friend: It's not like that... my parents give my brothers and me money each year for Christmas that we get to give away to a good cause. You are my good cause.
me: I am your good cause? You are too kind!
Friend: Well I like to help. I'm done til next year though...
me: I'm about to cry!
Friend: Don't cry!! I just love you and love what you are doing. I don't have the determination to do it.
me: Well I love what you're doing... being really sweet to your pathetic friends like me! I'm just overwhelmed. Thank you so much!
Friend: You are in no way pathetic. You are welcome dear friend!
me: You are the dear one. Can I talk about my amazing anonymous friend on my blog?

And obviously, she said yes.

My friends are incredible! I am so blessed. Y'alls timing is perfect. For instance, yesterday morning, I went into the kitchen at work to check on the sign-up list for food for my chili fund raiser, and was a little disheartened to see it was still pretty empty. But when I got back to my desk, I found an e-mail from active.com letting me know that Sarah and Clay had just made a donation, and I almost cried. What divine timing! Thank you!

I stand humbled. Honestly. My friends are my heroes. Your support is overwhelming. I can't wait to run again. You have faith in me! I can do it!

PS: True story: while I was typing this, ANOTHER donation was made! AAAHHHH! Thank you, Star!

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