Monday, January 14, 2008


1 pair of Asics Gel Evolution 3
+ 1 pair of Superfeet Premium Insoles (in Berry)
+ 1 pack of Balega Hidden Comfort X Athlete Socks
+ 2 packs of Clif Shot Blocks (Black Cherry and Strawberry)
+ 1 pack of Jelly Belly Sport Beans (Berry Blue)
+ 2 packs of Accel Gel(Strawberry Kiwi)
= This Just Got Serious

This weekend I returned my inadequate Nike shoes to Fleet Feet, where I then spent an hour being fitted in and deciding upon a new pair of shoes just right for my flat, archless feet, as well as some high-tech, arch-supportive insoles to go in them.

While I was there, I received some very bad news. Even worse news than a stress fracture would have been.

Are you read for this? MY FEET ARE GROWING.

Technically, not "growing" so much as "elongating." Pounding the pavement is causing what hint of an arch I had to collapse and my feet to get flatter and therefore longer. I almost cried right there in the shoe store, especially when the 5'1" waif beside me starting complaining about the size she was being fitted in, which I outgrew in 7th grade.

Regardless, growing feet is a condition that until yesterday, I understood my body and I to have agreed upon would only happen again as a side effect of pregnancy. The only reason I would allow it then is because I would be gaining a baby in the process and someone would have already avowed to love me for better or for worse (and I'm pretty sure having feet so big you have to extend the walls of the house is as "worse" as it can get.) But, I flatly stand corrected. My body broke the deal. And I shall have my revenge.

In my state of despair, I also bought a pair of non-cotton socks for long run days and an assortment of energy/refueling snacks. We were advised to start figuring out through process of trial and error what works best for us to replenish nourishment/energy on long runs. Accel Gel is what will be handed out on the course in April, so they told us to start there until we find something that works, be it as novice as gummy bears and pretzels or as official as Power Bars and any of the other high-tech high-cost snacky things I listed above. Now all I need is a fanny pack to carry it all in!

You know what's really sad? My mom reminded me over Christmas how in fifth or sixth grade the doctor wanted me to get fitted for arch supports for my shoes to correct my overpronation problem, but she decided to put it off until my feet quit growing. Thanks a lot, Mom. My bill for all this equipment to fix it all fifteen years too late is in the mail.

So now I am ready. I am going to do this thing if it kills me! And then afterward, I'm having my feet bound.


  1. Shot bloks are awesome. They sent a free pack of black cherry ones when I bought my cycling shorts from

  2. I might go eat a few right now to regain the energy/nourishment I lost due to vomiting at thought of you in cycling shorts.

  3. You know the worst part about being a cyclist???

    Telling your dad you're gay.

    I keed, I keed. Being a meat-head rugby player, that joke is always funny to me. And rude. Had to throw it out there.

    Insert your sport of choice for an instant laugh.

    soccer player
    ultimate frisbee dude
    competitive walker
    rugby player

    see? funny.

    And don't knock the fanny pack while running. you can hold all sorts of things for your long run:
    1. vaseline for leg chafe
    2. camera for pics along the course (I highly recommend)
    3. blogged about snack of choice
    4. notes of blog responders you're going to ban (sorry)

    Keep up the great work. You're doing awesome. Proud of you.

    And sorry Wes. That was a softball, I had to hit it.

  4. Wow. Oh no he didn't!

    By the way, if I get "leg chafe" I'm stopping.

  5. i have arches like a ballerina. they're all so jealous of my 1st position.


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