Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm back, woohoo!

I got a run in while I was out of town and then this morning, did 5 hilly miles with my team in the Freezing Cold (capital F, capital C). There were 4 of us that stayed in a pack together. The new shoes and in-soles are helping, and so is being conscious of what I eat the night before long runs. I about carbed myself to death last night on pasta, and then woke up this morning at 5, ate a Power Bar, went back to sleep for an hour and then got up to go for my run (good tip, Sarah). Speaking of what's helping, you know what's not helping? My iPod, who died on me again this morning at mile 2.5. If my instincts are as correct about technical matters as they have recently been about matters of more importance (e.g.: of the workplace and of the heart) then I call that Rod the Pod will have been replaced by my 25th birthday. Hey, is it too soon too start talking about my birthday?

Thanks thanks thanks to those of you who have made donations to my campaign! It's like a little voice of affirmation each time I see an e-mail from letting me know someone contributed. I'm having a fundraiser at work this week, so in addition to my donations from Jessica, Margaret, Corrie and Eric, that should really help get the ball rolling.

I had a new perspective while running this week. A lot of times when people are asking for money, it may be to send them on a missions trip or to pay a support salary or something. I'm not knocking that, I've done the missions trip fund raising before. But, an interesting angle about this campaign that I'm doing, is that of all the funds I raise, I get $0.00 of it. Nada. Zilch. I'm running this half-marathon whether or not you donate. But I hope you do. It's just encouraging for me, to know people believe in me. And don't let the donation site fool you - any size gift would be appreciated, not just the ones listed by donor level.

A couple of girls from my office and I are running a 5K this Saturday - my first official race! It's at the zoo and is going to be really fun. If anyone in town wants to join me, come on! And are any of you Alabamians running the Mercedes? I am interested in the relay option. Anyone want to get a team together? It only takes 5 people! And last but certainly not least, if anyone wants to run the Country Music half with me, let's do it! (Sarah? Jamie? Erin? I'm talking to you!)


  1. you are a stud and i love you

  2. I'm running the mercedes half, although the relay sounds better...
    I'm really tempted to do Country Music b/c it was so fun last year, but good grief it's expensive!

  3. Leg #1 – 6.2 miles
    Leg #2 – 3.1 miles
    Leg #3 – 6.2 miles
    Leg #4 – 3.2 miles
    Leg #5 – 7.5 miles

    I'll take one of the 6's if you want the 7. Any takers for the other 6 or the two 3's?


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