Monday, December 17, 2007


More Christmas voicemail messages from my mom:

(to the tune of "Walking In a Winter Wonderland")
Cell phone ring, I am listening!
It won't won't ring, but I'm wishing
My daughter would call,
Because after all,
She loves her mommy so much.

(to the tune of "Silent Night")
Silent cell, lonely cell.
Call me back, ring my bell.
Heaven knows it'll make my day,
We can talk the whole night away.
Make this agony cease,
Make this agony cease.

(to the tune of "White Christmas")
I'm dreaming of a cell phone call
From my little girl that I love so.
I'll be glad to listen
to the one I'm missing;
My number still I hope she knows...

I just need to point out that I talked to my mom today, Sunday, Saturday and Friday. She is only leaving these messages to be funny. I doubt she's in real agony. In fact, she's admitted that she'll think of them, write the lyrics down, and then call me and sing them to me. Pathetic... or hilarious?

OMG. What if she's reading this and knows I find it amusing?


  1. hilarious is my verdict. that's fantastic.

  2. i can hear your mom singing those songs ... hilarious ... but don't give my mom any ideas


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