Sunday, December 09, 2007


I attended my third Tennessee Titans game today. It was overcast and muggy, but you don't turn down 50-yard-line seats on the third row.

The two highlights of the game were noticing that from behind, Vince Young's cap looked like it had a panty liner on it (baby blue with a random white stripe in the center that didn't fully extend from front to back - like this but it was a cap) and the French Fry Saga.

After the first quarter, MB and I decided to pay a visit to the concession stand. After considering a hotdog, hamburger or chicken finger/fry combo, I went with the latter. After we got back our seats, I happily chowed down on the chicken fingers but was vastly disappointed in the quality of the fries. I mean, I know stadium food isn't supposed to be amazing, but these were the worst (and most expensive) fries I'd ever had. I'm a crunchy, crispy fry fan. These were soggy, greasy, and limp. Nasty.

I had picked my way through them, and had almost finished my chicken fingers, when one of the beer vendors crouched down beside me.

"Chicken fingers good?"
"Yes sir, but the fries - not so much."
"Really? Take em back."
"I can do that?"
"Yeah, they'll give you more. Maybe your money back."

I hadn't even eaten half of them, so I talked MB into going with me to do the dirty work.

At halftime, we got up and headed back to the concession stand. We decided to try our luck at a different one than before. MB explained to the vendor that the fries were not good (she considered saying they tasted like they were left from last Sunday's game - ha). Without batting an eye, he offered to give us new fries. He handed them to MB, who handed them to me, and we walked away. Once we were away from the concession stand, and waiting for MB's boyfriend, we examined the new french fries.

They were worse than the ones before. I looked at them, and saw my reflection looking back in the grease.

Once again, we headed back to the concession stand. When we got to the front of the line, MB explained that this was the third trip here, today must be an off day for the cook, and we just wanted our money back. Without arguing, the cashier opened the drawer and handed MB a five, which she passed to me. I guess we weren't the first ones to compain about the fries if they were refunding and swapping them that easily.

Morals of the story: 1. Stadium food isn't supposed to be amazing, but it's not supposed to be inedible either. 2. MB is an amazing negotiator.

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