Monday, December 10, 2007


Since you guys like it so much when I e-mail people....

SUBJECT: Congratulations!
Hi Tim,

Just wanted to say congrats on winning the Heisman. What an accomplishment!

I enjoyed your speech. However, might I suggest taking advantage of a communication or speech class during one of your remaining semesters at the University of Florida. No doubt this is the first of many award acceptance speeches you'll be giving during your hopefully lengthy and prosperous football career. With proper training and practice, your oratorical prowess could be as great as your athletic capability. After all, the ability to deliver flawless speeches AND passes is a dual-threat that only a select few NFL quarterbacks possess. It's never too early to start readying oneself to join those select few: Manning, Brady, Montana, even Frank Tarkenton - all of whom were invited to host Saturday Night Live, and not solely because of their stats. Think about it.

As a graduate in public relations from the prestigious Auburn University, my services as a publicist are at your disposal.

Congratulations again!


  1. I love being a gator. Thank you.

  2. Did you really email him?

  3. I had to send it to his brother with a sweet lttle note that said "Please forward to Tim." Tim's address wasn't listed (probably because of instances like this).

  4. That's so funny. His permanent address is listed. You should send him a Christmas card.


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