Friday, December 07, 2007


More things to vote on....

Everyone's favorite coach, Tommy Tuberville, is a finalist for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award!!!!! Everyone needs to go to and vote for Tommy. You can also vote from your cell phone. Text TUBE (first four letters of his last name) to 80108 and your vote will be counted. You can vote once a day.

Right now, he's in 8th place and this is unacceptable. There are even 3 SEC coaches beating him out, including Richt (#1), Croom (#2) and Brooks (#4). I mean, why are there not e-mails and Facebook groups about this? We already lost to UGA and MSU once this year, let's not do it again.

Know who isn't a finalist? The 32 million dollar man himself.

The winner will be announced on Dec. 29. In other words, a late Christmas present for Tommy. Let's make it happen.

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