Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When I woke up this morning, I was freaking out. I was certain my hair was even shorter than it was last night when I went to bed!

Turns out, I was just overreacting and still getting used to my new do. After washing it, drying it to get some volume in it and straightening it smooth, it's official. I like my haircut.

And so does everyone else. But I'm tired of being asked if I did Locks for Love. Unfortunately, I'm not that philanthropic. One project at a time.

You know what's funny is that people have asked me if I was going for the Katie Holmes/Victoria Beckham style, and while their bobs are very popular right now, if I'm being honest, I really was going for this. Surprised?

I promise I'll find something new to talk about tomorrow.


  1. your haircut is so cute! I want to admit that just this summer i did locks for love and i was crying in the chair but now I love it! point being i think short hair is so cute and you are a great example of that!

  2. I love Jennifer Anniston's hair that short! I hate her for being that cute with long or short hair, which is the same reason I hate you ...

    But really, you didn't even come close to cutting off TEN inches, did you?

  3. First of all, it's Aniston with one N.

    Secondly, nowhere near 10 inches. Maybe this cut plus the cut three weeks ago could have been about 6? But nowhere near 10.

    Third, THANKS girls! I love it. I can't keep my fingers out of it.

    Fourth, you don't really hate me do you Jen? :)

  4. i like the new hair

  5. OMG I love your hair!!! I just wanted to put in some exclamation points b/c everyone else did. But for real, Jennifer Anniston would be proud.

  6. I just did the same thing jennifer did. I was copying her spelling of Anniston. Aniston.

  7. my bad. and no, I don't hate you!

    I just re-read, and funny, I think I had the same experience! I swear my hair got shorter for a few days after the cut.

  8. Aww, even the boys are being sweet.


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