Saturday, December 08, 2007


One of the most interesting things that I've been told as I've begun training for the half- marathon is that the more out of my element running is, the prouder I will be of myself and the more supportive and happier others will be for me.

This is definitely holding up to be true. My family, who knows what a couch potato I can be, have been so supportive. I think everyone is going to be at the race to cheer me on, which is very exciting.

I think it is good to do things out of your nature every once in a while. It keeps life interesting and exciting. I did something else really out of my realm of ordinary experiences this week, and while it was definitely exciting, it's also a secret (at least to everyone that wasn't involved).

Finally, I am doing something else out of the norm on Monday afternoon. I'm getting my hair chopped. Yes, I just got a haircut three weeks ago and I love it. I just think I would love it more if it were shorter, and I trust the girl that is going to do it even after only one cut. I haven't had hair as short as I'm going to go since junior high. I figure with all the leaf-turning I'm doing these days, new hair would fit perfectly. Pictures to come!

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  1. you're killing me with all of these vague/secretive references! I feel left out ...


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