Saturday, December 22, 2007


I have mentioned before that for three Christmas breaks, I was a "professional" gift wrapper; if by professional, you mean miserable. There is only one fun thing about wrapping a 5' x 4' x 2' crossbow box in camouflage paper while a gaggle of men stand around and snicker, and that's getting paid handsomely in cash to do it (handsomely to a college girl).

Anyway, it was my luck that the store's bows were stick-on. No ribbon involved. So while I may can wrap a gift with the best of them, bows have never been my strong suit.

Until today:

Check out that bow I MADE ALL BY MYSELF and tied on my sister and brother-in-law's gift!!!!!!!

Do you know what this means? I know how to do everything I need to know to do in life! I know how to whip up at least one incredible dinner and dessert from scratch, I can make adorable cookies, know how to (call someone to) change a flat tire, I tried to file my taxes, I have multiple hobbies and can make beautiful bows. Sewing and ironing and all that is just fluff when you can make bows like that.

Martha Stewart, watch your back...


  1. How did you make that bow? I tried and failed to make a bow for my Christmas presents.

  2. It was tricky. That's three different pieces of ribbon.


Oh goody!

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