Wednesday, December 05, 2007


A recent conversation with my mom:

Mom: "How is your car, Lulu?"
Me: "It's running."
Mom: "Is that check engine light still on?"
Me: "Yes."
Mom: "You should really let your uncle take it to get looked at over Christmas, and then consider selling it."
Me: "I want to."
Mom: "I saw the cutest car the other day. I can't remember what kind it was though."
Me: "Really?"
Mom: "Yes. What was it...?"
Me: [blank stare]
Mom: "Oh, I remember! It was a black one."

Because that really narrows it down.


  1. I own a black car. Want to buy it?

  2. shoot, I own a black car now too. You can't have it because I've only had it for 14 hours

  3. Funny, right? I already own a black car. And I hate it.

  4. My check engine light never went off in my Explorer (also black...think a different color would have fewer problems?) and no mechanic could make it go away. I think that the assembly line workers of Ford just like to mess with us.


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