Friday, November 09, 2007


The latest example of irony in my life (try to keep up):

Saturday Night Live films 20 episodes a year.
I am going to New York one time this year.
I actually know someone who works at NBC.
He actually knows someone who actually works for Saturday Night Live.
Turns out, of all the SNL staff, that person is the person to know to get into a filming.
Which again, only happens 20 times a year.
Saturday Night Live was scheduled to film this Saturday.
I am scheduled to be in New York this Saturday.
The stars were aligning. We might have gotten to go.

But the writers had other plans.

Thanks, writers. I'm happy you're getting more money and all, but the next live episode better make me laugh so hard I wet my damn pants.

Back to packing!

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  1. You better be working that contact at NBC for me. I just applied for about 15 jobs there.


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