Monday, November 05, 2007


It's finally November! Here's how I know: the weather is finally appropriate, my calendar is filling up, and the football games are getting really good. What a great month!

Speaking of the weather, we have a fireplace in our apartment. I am a sucker for a good fire. In fact one of the things my mom and I fought about the most when I lived at home was how frequent and for how long I was allowed to have the gas logs on. My fireplace here isn't gas though, but I think I'm going to find some firewood and kindling to try to light it soon. That ought to be REALLY interesting. Or dangerous. Good thing I have renter's insurance. And my Guide To Building A Fire Worth Cuddling By. Now all I need is a Guide To Finding Someone Worth Cuddling By A Fire Worth Cuddling By.

As for my calendar filling up, I realized this weekend that I'm gone for at least three nights every week this month and 12 of the next 14 days. Two work trips, a quick but exciting trip to New York City and then Thanksgiving! All my instincts are telling me I shouldn't bother sleeping when I'm New York since I only have 48 hours there, but the trip is sandwiched between the two work trips so I will probably need to rest a little so I don't maim someone (or throw a flag) on the work trips.

And as for the last part, the football games getting good, Saturday was a wonderful prelude to the Amen Corner. Think LSU had something to prove, Bama? Just you wait.

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