Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have a New York story I meant to share. I guess in the 12 hours I was home between New York and the work trip, I forgot to post it.

Evan and I were eating dinner and talking about all the neat stuff he's gotten to do as an intern. He's been on TV three times, gone on a remote shoot and met some really cool people. Evan also mentioned that he got to watch 30 Rock shoot a scene in the Today Show studio. They filmed Meredith Viera interviewing someone on the Today Show set for an episode and guess who she was interviewing?


It took me a second to do the math.

"Wait a second," I said, holding up my hand. "You watched 30 Rock film in the Today Show studio, and David Schwimmer was there?"

"Yeah, so was Tina Fey."

"You were in the same room as David Schwimmer?"

"Yeah, just a few feet away."

Once I started speaking to Evan again, I explained that news such as this requires a phone call, or text message at least. You don't just casually mention you met David Schwimmer with the same tone of voice you use to discuss laundry detergent, sandwiches or weather. Let me put it this way: Eric saw the Friends fountain last week and sent me a picture of it that night. Of the fountain, for crying out loud! Evan claims he didn't know how obsessed I am with the show, but he sure does know now.

The point of this story is two-fold.

First, if you are in the same room as one of the six Friends stars, I should know about it within the hour.

Secondly, Evan is living a good life: Jerry Seinfeld, Mariah Carey, Dustin Hoffman, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Martin, Amy Poehler, David Schwimmer and more.

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