Monday, November 26, 2007


Over Thanksgiving, my family and I were discussing hearing loss. My uncle was showing off his new hearing aids which reminded me of a hilarious story that it turns out no one in my family knew about.

My grandad always had hearing problems. He wore the large, beige hearing aids that wrapped around each ear.

One time when I was staying at my grandparents' house, I accidentally knocked them into the toilet.

He had left them on the sink counter, which was right beside the toilet, which I was using. When I stood, turned and reached to flush, I accidentally knocked them in. I pulled the handle before I realized what I did and so as the water started swirling, I knew I had to get them out or face some serious wrath.

So I quickly fished them out (almost missed one of them) and washed them off. I thought I told my grandmother, but surely she'd have told the rest of the family, so maybe I was smart and just kept the whole thing to myself.

But apparently, if those get wet they are ruined. So maybe that's why Pawpaw never could hear well. Oops. Sorry Pawpaw.


  1. Yeah, cause electric devices always work after they get wet. It's a good thing it didn't short out and shock him.

    Also, groooooosssssss that you reached in the toilet. Luckily girls don't poop so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

  2. Boom Boom told me that recently a lady sitting next to him in church got up and moved away from him. Turns out his hearing aid was squeeling and he had no idea. HOW?!?, I ask, can it be, that someone cannot hear the high pitched noise coming from the contraption in one's own ear?


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