Saturday, November 03, 2007


I did something today that I haven't done in a really long time.

Well, two things, if you count deep cleaning my bathroom (deep cleaning = on my knees scrubbing tile).

The other thing I did was curl my hair. I don't know what really prompted it other than I had time to kill and a piqued curiosity. I haven't curled my hair since college. Unless you count my sister's wedding, but even that day I wasn't the one to curl it and actually I wouldn't consider those curls so much as a mane.

Anyway. I used to curl my hair every morning before school. Because I have such awesome priorities and wanted to sleep in as late as possible (actually, my curlers took all freaking morning to get hot), I would wait until the very last minute, after I was dressed and all but ready to head to school before I would put the curlers in. If I had time, I'd eat breakfast at the house. If I was running late, Mom would fix it to go and I'd eat on my 4 minute trip to school. I would have breakfast finished by the time I got out of the neighborhood, and then without a second to spare, I'd take the curlers out on the quarter-mile drive between my neighborhood and my school. The last one would be coming out as I was pull into school parking lot. I had it to a science, I tell you.

Looking back, this whole routine was probably not a good idea. I'm surprised I didn't get made fun of (to my face at least). But it did teach me one valuable lesson - the art of driving with my knee.

Off to school I go!

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  1. you know you are the one who inspired me to curl my hair...i, too, would have to dust off the ole curlers to see what my hair would do now. so what was the verdict afterall?


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