Monday, November 12, 2007


I am heading back out the door for another work trip so there's not much time to write a funny recap of New York. But it was great, strike and all.

The best part was getting to revel in the magic that is in Studio 8H. The place is just sacred. I didn't want to leave - just ask Evan! But it was surreal to spend that much time in there and get to take pictures on the stages was incredible. Do you know who has stood on those stages and been in that room? I mean, it's like I told the boys - half of my fictional dinner party guests have performed in that room, along with the most talented actors and funniest entertainers and most gifted musicians. Awesome. Just awesome. Sorry if I sound geeky, but that room is the White House of the entertainment industry, in my opinion.

Anyway, the trip was too short and I am already ready to go back. But now I know that rather than check the weather channel before leaving on a trip, you should check CNN to see if everything you planned to do has been cancelled!

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