Sunday, October 28, 2007


An incredible story for you:

Today I had lunch with my uncle. We were discussing change, memories and how even approaching two years after her death, something as big as the Auburn Marching Band or as small as a taste or scent reminds us of our Granny. I told him I heard the song "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole randomly last week and it made me cry. My grandmother liked to cook to Nat, Frank Sinatra or Paul Finebaum.

Less than three minutes later, my uncle stopped mid-sentence and pointed upward. I heard it at the same time he did: the opening bars to "Unforgettable." I'm not even kidding. Of all the songs O'Charleys could have played. What are the odds?

I think she heard us talking about her.


  1. Wow. Lots of awesome coincidences lately. Great story.

  2. I miss her too ... can't tell you how many times she called me in AU and encouraged me and prayed for me during my football days when it was going tough for me. And Lord knows we all miss her cooking!!!

  3. Gah, Sam. You're going to make me cry all over again.


Oh goody!

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