Wednesday, October 10, 2007



Another week, another work trip. Only this time there's no plane rides, fun cities nor possible shopping. Just me and the BIGASS van, driving 8 hours to meet our client at a weekend long work event.

Did I mention I was missing a wedding?
Did I mention I was missing the Kanye West concert?
And did I mention that while I might not be in the wedding or going backstage at the concert, I would still like to attend? Or have the option to?

Look at the pictures Joy Beth took when I went to get the van from work a little while ago. She was laughing so hard she was crying. We named it SPIKE. Look how big it is! And I have to drive this beast for 8 hours (each way) all by myself. You could fit my old dorm room in there with room to spare. It beeps when you put it in reverse. It's so big that it's even got a door from the cab to the cargo part. I should probably come up with a CB handle in case there is a CB radio in there somewhere. Any suggestions? How about "Prissy", as in I am way too prissy to be driving this enormous van?

Anyway, Spike and I will be back Monday, hopefully with some good stories. I imagine there is a lot of potential blog material to be found at a state fair.


  1. Wow. That is big. Looks European. I think you can pull into truckstops and not catch any flack for parking in their long spaces. But be careful. They make movies about those kinds of places.

    Number 72, your shower's ready...

  2. What the heck. I would DIE if I had to drive that thing. And not out of embarrassment...I would literally die because I couldn't control it. Good luck merging, not to mention parking. And what in the world are you taking with you that needs that much room? I wish you the best.

  3. That's what she said.


Oh goody!

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