Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It's so nice to be back in a routine. I'm done traveling for a while and the only thing standing between myself and normalcy is my ridiculously messy room. I think my suitcases from the fair blew up like bombs while I was at work. Because surely I wasn't the one who threw those clothes and shoes everywhere... right?

Speaking of the fair, I have one more story to tell you about. Our first day there I took a stroll through all the food vendors to see what looked yummy. Amid all the funnel cakes, cotton candy, ribbon fries and corn-dogs, I found a booth that made Deep Fried Oreo Sundaes. Doesn't that sound amazing? I made a mental note of where the booth was and decided to return after dinner.

So later I go back to the booth and ask the man what's in the dish: 4 Oreos, each wrapped in funnel cake dough then fried, rolled in powdered sugar then topped with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream. I handed him $5 and said "No whipped cream, please."

A few minutes later, he handed me my sundae. I took a bite and it was delicious. I told him I'd be back before the fair was over. Turns out, the sundae was too rich and too sweet to finish so I only ate 2 of the Oreos and most of the ice cream.

So our last day rolls around and I had been saving room to tackle another sundae. I grabbed a handful of the T-shirts we'd been giving out from our booth and head back toward my friends with the Deep Fried Oreos.

I told him I'd come back to see him like I promised and I even brought him some goodies. They were so delighted about the shirts that he told me they'd put anything I wanted on my sundae. I opted for extra ice cream and chocolate. With a few nuts on top.

A few moments later, my friend comes to the counter and presents me with the biggest, most enormous dessert I have ever seen. They doubled if not tripled the recipe to make this:

And he wouldn't even let me pay for it. Unfortunately, once again I only managed to eat one or two of the Oreos. All the nuts on top ruined it. They went a little overboard and I felt bad for wasting it. But it's not like I asked for that big of a sundae. It was the size of my head! Normally they make them in little styrofoam bowls, but I guess they brought out the big guns for the girl with the free T-shirts.

Morals of the story: if you are brave enough to go to state fair, see if you can find the Deep Fried Oreo Sundae people. Their sign is green. Secondly, always carry a free T-shirt with you wherever you go. You'd be amazed what people will do for it.


  1. uhhh, that looks disgusting. May I have some ice cream with my nuts please.

    Funny. You make friends everywhere. Not the least bit intimidating.

    Guess the banana was saved for your highway guy.


  2. See, you now have way cooler stories than some dumb Kanye West show. He was just wildly entertaining. You got nuts!

  3. Twist the knife a little deeper, would you?

  4. sorry. Oh, no apologies.

  5. That's like a seven hundred minutes of running on the treadmill. . . I think it looks good though.

  6. I think it kind of looks like chinese food. But maybe that's the dough of the Oreo, looking all wontony or egrollish.

    And again - let me emphasize that I came absolutely, positively, NOWHERE close to finishing it. I had probably 2 of the Oreos and the equivalent of one scoop ice cream.

  7. I had fried oreos at a football game with Les and I thought they were the most amazing things I had ever put in my mouth.

    I mean, oreos, fried in funnel cake can't get much better than that.


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