Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Guess what, kids? I'm off to Chicago! Hooray, another conference!

Of course, this would be more exciting if I a) knew my way around Chicago; b) knew someone in Chicago; c) wasn't going alone.

Well actually, I don't mind going alone. Don't think I won't use every penny of my per diem food allowance even if it means getting a table for one in a steakhouse or eating a whole deep dish pizza by myself. But I wish I knew someone in the windy city to play with.

Especially because the HOME ALONE HOUSE is in Winnetka, 22 miles north of Chicago, and I am dying to go see it and get my picture on the McCallisters' lawn. 22 miles (44 round trip) is a long way to pay for a cab, though, and I don't want to deal with renting a car, so I might have to save that for another trip. But we'll see.

Regardless, duty calls. This is a social media conference. I wonder what they'll have to say about blogs!


  1. Lots of shopping in Chicago. Gotta go see Grant Park too. Remember the beginning of Married with Children (you were 7). The big fountain? That's there. Probably gorgeous at night.

    They've got a great trolley service that can take you anywhere.

  2. Chicago's transit system is really good. Buy a CTA card and put some money on it or buy a 3 day deal. Go eat some deep dish pizza at Giordano's near Sear's Tower. It's amazing. We ate there twice in 4 days when we went.

  3. dear god,
    please give me a job that takes me to fabulous places like chicago, rather than cleaning up throw-up in the cafeteria and overseeing safety patrol.

  4. I really liked Chicago when I was there. There's a really, really great improv comedy show called "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" that I highly recommend checking out.


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