Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This morning I had a doctor's appointment. The appointment was at 10:15, right by my house, so I used the free time before the doctor's office to run errands. It's amazing what all you can get done when you're not sitting in 5 p.m. traffic.

So, the doctor I was scheduled to visit was the orthodontist. I know, right? I do not do well with dentists or orthodontists. And I willingly signed up for this particular appointment. Sought a doctor, got a referral, got an appointment all with my own initiative. Well, not really with my own initiative. It's not like going to the orthodontist is a hobby I'm exploring. If the bonded wire that lives behind my bottom teeth hadn't decided to break in two at some point over the past year, I would not be telling this story in the first place. But it did, so I am.

So as I was filling out my paperwork, I realized it's been ten years since I got my braces off. Did you have braces? Do you remember the day you got them off? I was in eighth grade. It was a week or two before eighth grade gradation (or, a week or two before I sprained my ankle one degree shy of a break and had to graduate in an ankle brace.)

I remember the boy I had a crush on at the time noticed. Is this a Judy Blume book or what? He noticed I got my braces off. I felt like a queen. I can't believe that was a whole decade ago.

I also remember when I got the braces put on 13 years ago. I was in sixth grade then. I cried because I didn't want them. My orthodontist gave me a hug and said everyone has things they don't like about themselves, just look at his big nose! At least I could fix my flaw! (Although, looking back, I was pretty insecure about my nose as well. So maybe I was crying because he couldn't fix that too.) They asked me what color rubber bands I wanted. It was November and the Iron Bowl was a week away so naturally, I wanted orange and blue, dad gum it! Big mistake. I learned that lesson. Every month thereafter that it was silver silver silver. Always silver.

Anyway. I just can't believe that was ten years ago. And in case you were curious: no, ten years was apparently not enough time for someone to develop less-painful orthodontic instruments.


  1. I unfortunately did NOT learn the silver silver silver lesson until my second round of braces. Thus, there is about four years worth of pictures of me in which I look like I raided the gummy bear store. I don't even like gummy bears ...

  2. Is it sad that when I had braces, there were no color choices. You got rubber band brown and liked it.

    And they would snap if you opened your mouth too wide. Ouch.

  3. WAIT - you had the 2 rubber bands, one each side??? I was talking about the rubber bands they put on each bracket (I think Jennifer was too).
    One per tooth.
    You had the 2 bands! Aaaaaaaaahahaha.
    But. This is coming from the girl that had orange and blue all over...
    so who really wins?

  4. So it looked like you were chewing bubble gum or pop rocks all day? Nice. Mine were for underbight bight fix. Yours were for jacked up teeth I guess:-)

  5. No! It just looked like I had a lot of spirit for a school I didn't (yet) attend. And only for one month. I learned my lesson... can''t speak for Jen.

    By the way - what's an underbight bight? :)


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