Monday, September 17, 2007


Why are Goldfish crackers so damn delicious?

Let me back up. I only packed half a lunch today. After realizing I forgot to include something to accompany my sandwich, I instantly remembered that several months ago, my boss told me that
I was welcome to deplete the stash of Goldfish snack packs in her bottom filing cabinet drawer which were leftover from a client event. Without a second thought, I raced down the hallway into her office and was delighted to find several snack packs mine for the taking.

Unfortunately, the operative phrase in this story is 'several months ago.' These crackers are slightly stale. But it's Goldfish, so they're still delicious.

I remember in high school, somehow I was awarded a giant carton of Goldfish. You know, the big box that opens like a milk carton? For whatever reason, Goldfish always taste better when coming out of that box than when served any alternate way. Anwyay, I think the box was leftover from a cheerleading road trip (our mothers took turns providing exorbitant picnics for our bus trips for away games) and no one would take it with them. Never one to turn down a snack, especially a $7 tub of Goldfish crackers, I adopted the box and kept in my car. Everyday before cheerleading practice, I'd get it out and we'd all pass it around and take a hit from the box. It was like feeding the 5,000 with the loaves and fish... except there were 12 of us and no bread. But still, we ate from that box at least until playoffs.

...Or maybe we went through that first box quickly and then my secret pal bought another box just for me. Either way, it was a good fall.

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