Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Please read this snippet of an e-mail with a friend:

Me: "I didn't know you read my blog!"
NSS: "I always read it. My sister turned me on to it back last fall I think. My secretary reads it too!"

I don't ask for much. I mean, I don't password protect this stuff and I write almost daily. I give and I give and I give! So please tell me if you (and/or your secretary?) read the blog. It'll make my day. If you knew something that simple could make someone's day, why wouldn't you do it? And if you're feeling really generous, tell me I'm funny. I gave up on pretty a long time ago, so funny is ALL I HAVE!

So talk to me! Come forth and name yourselves!


  1. you're ridiculous.

    and you're pretty!!!!!!!

    and I might know my right from my left, but I can't unlock my front door ...now that is lame.

  2. Funny isn't all you have.

    You also have braverism, that funny thing you do with your eye (whoops, more funny), and oh yeah, a pretty bowl signifying your Sally Field-ness :-)

  3. Yeah, cause "that funny thing I do with my eye" is going to get me dates....

  4. i read your blog- I dont think i've ever met you either! haha. I know jon david and he put a link to your blog on his page. I think you're really funny. :0)

  5. You're funny. I read your blog

    -Michael Ferguson (upset that there aren't other options other than anonymous for my particular situation)

  6. I read your blog. I just figured out how to leave comments though. I tried earlier and was pretty positive that I had left one 15 times because that is how many times I tried pushing the button. But sadly, none of those times worked and you were left with no comment to know about my committment to your blog.

  7. i am a proud reader. you are both pretty and funny. i love that you lived in the dorm when all of us were sophomores so that i got to hang out with you some. xoxoxo.


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