Thursday, September 13, 2007


Reason Number 4,238 Why You Should Not Send E-mails When You Are Trying To Meet A Deadline:

E-mail from our Charity Rep to my Co-worker:

I would like to drop off some new campaign materials and posters, table tents, etc., to help promote your upcoming campaign. Let me know when would be a convenient time to drop off the campaign materials. I also have two goody bags with t-shirts, etc. for you and Lindsay.
Thanks for all you do.

Leslie's Response, which she CCed me in on:

I believe I speak on behalf of Lindsay and myself when I say we are swamped! You're welcome to come by anytime and have Secretary check with me to see if I'm available. I will be glad to come retrieve these things from you and say hello. If not, you can always leave them with Secretary and she will make sure we get them.
Thanks a lot!

My reponse which, BECAUSE I WAS CCed IN, GOT SENT TO THE !@#$!#% REP TOO:

Nice deflection. THANK YOU!

It's only 10:30 and this has been a bad day. I need a drink.

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