Thursday, August 30, 2007


After crying about some stuff on Thursday, I came to the realization that something I love about myself is also something I hate about myself.

I am too emotional. I wear my emotions and my heart on my sleeve. I am an intense and passionate person. Or as someone once put it, when something strikes my interest, be it a person, an idea, a place, a television show (Friends), I dive in head first. Obsess. Become emotionally invested. Sometimes this is good. I think it makes me a good friend. Other times it comes back to bite me in the rear. Because while I get easily excited and happy, I also get easily hurt.

So is this a character trait or a character flaw?

This is part of why I am looking forward to going home this weekend. I'm 99% sure I'll be the only person in the state not at a football game. And surprising as it is, I'm okay with it. I need some alone time to decompress, unwind and exhale. To recharge those emotions that I expend too easily. It's been a crazy past month, and I am happy to take the day to refresh and not worry about moving or furniture or productivity at work or any of the other stuff that's been on my mind. So while everybody (seriously... everybody) is at a football game (or in Vegas), I'll be kicking it at my mom's house. I'm even going to take her phone off the hook - soliciters, be damned!

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  1. A clean getaway, huh?

    I hope your weekend was restful and mind clearing. Good to recharge every once in a while, or at least have an ice cream and chat with loved ones:-)


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