Thursday, August 16, 2007


So, I'm moving! Tomorrow, actually. Ha. Fast, right?

This is the cutest condo ever. We might not have a ton of furniture to fill it up, but so what. It's adorable and colorful and clean. Everyone of you should come visit. There will be plenty of room.

So, if there are no posts for a while, it's because work is too busy right now for blogging, and Com(plicated)cast isn't coming to install internet until Thursday (IF they decide to come at all).

Until then, here's what I'll be doing: working, hauling stuff up three flights of stairs, hydrating, paying movers to haul the really big things up three flights of stairs, hydrating, unsuccessfully convincing people to come help me move, wondering why I decided to move into a condo on the third floor, hydrating and watching a LOT of Friends DVDs since I won't have cable or internet. Oh wait, I do that anyway.

Note: I will not be so busy or unreachable that I wouldn't take a phone call to tell me my new bed is being delivered (see yesterday's post). Just in case anyone was wondering.

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