Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I've always thought Kellie Pickler was a ditz, but this morning on the radio she brought her A-game. Or... her publicist wrote her some A-game.

Let me back up. Yesterday morning, an intern at a local radio station reported spotting Kellie at a McDonald's drive-in on Saturday night, and claimed that she looked "inebriated" though behind the wheel. Furious, Kellie called the station to report the facts, and took time this morning to set the record straight. She made some valid points and really let them have it for making up the "inebriated" part. I was impressed. Until I remembered it was Kellie and she probably had the whole thing scripted for her.

Go here to hear the portion of the show with Kellie on it. She really rips that intern a new one.

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